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Bohle Welding and Steel Fabrication

Bohle Welding and Trailer Repairs is a thirty-year-old, veteran business helping customers with their trailer and welding needs. Whether you require a quick welding job such as beam or bar constructed or you would like to have us weld a trailer part for you, our team can oblige.

With state of the art equipment, advanced training, years of experience and a stellar work ethic, our welding and steel fabrication services are second to none. If you are having trouble with parts that need to be welded or you need a specific part fabricated, come and see us. At Bohle Welding & Trailer Repairs we are always available to help you. Our welders are highly skilled, they have been doing this work for our residential, commercial and industrial clients since 1989! Imagine the changes to welding technology that have taken place in those years. We have kept up with all of them and remained at the forefront of the industry in the local area.
Caravan Welding — Trailer Repairs in Bohle, QLD
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Welders — Trailer Repairs in Bohle, QLD
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Welding Repair — Trailer Repairs in Bohle, QLD
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Our family-owned business takes pride in the way we serve the community. Our on-site welding and steel fabrication services provide incredible value for money. The parts you would otherwise have to order can be welded for a just a fraction of the price. The extent of what we can weld includes things such as boat trailer cross members, rusty mudguards, trailer parts, trailer modifications and other structures.
Modify Trailers — Trailer Repairs in Bohle, QLD
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Some of our trailer repair services include:
  • Frame and body straightening.
  • Trailer and body repairs and modifications.
  • Suspension alignment and re-bushing.
  • Flatbed and Van Trailer suspensions.
  • Minor bodywork.
  • Lighting work.
  • Lift and replacement axles.
  • Brakes and linings.
Boat on Trailer — Trailer Repairs in Bohle, QLD
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Repairs and Modifications

The advantage of being in the same industry for the past 30 years is that we have seen every repair and modification request imaginable. Our clients come to us with requests that are often complex, complicated or confusing. This is not a problem for us!

At Bohle Welding and Trailer Repairs, we can carry out custom modifications and other work with ease. We have designed and built so many custom accessories, parts and modifications that it is difficult to list them all!
If you would like to get trailer parts or modifications, or you require other welding or steel fabrication work, Bohle Welding would be delighted to help you! We take care of all work on-site, enabling us to work efficiently and charge reasonable rates. Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for your welding or steel fabrication request.