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About Bohle Welding

Bohle Welding and Trailer Repairs is a locally owned and operated business that has been open since 1989! Over the last three decades, we have helped our clients with every job imaginable, including fixing trailers and boat trailers, performing welding repairs and carrying out steel fabrication work. Why spend a lot of money on a new trailer part when you can get your existing items repaired? Even serious trailer damage is often easily repairable when you know what you are doing! At Bohle Welding and Trailer Repairs our decades of experience and our extensive knowledge mean that we can efficiently diagnose and repair your trailers at an affordable rate.

Here at Bohle welding and mechanical we help take the stress out of Boating. Servicing and trailer repairs is a specialty, knowing that you can get to the boat ramp without a mishap is a must. Make sure your wheel bearings, brakes, and lights are in good working order, rusty mud guards and cross beams can be replaced at the right price “ You don’t need to buy a new trailer”. Also we can service your 4x4 and attend to clutch and other mechanical repairs. Give us a CooEee for a free quote.
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Our repair services extend to electrical repairs, mechanical servicing, wheel bearings, brakes, lights and other systems trailers. Where welding work is concerned, we can make modifications to trailers, repair rusty mudguards, weld boat trailer cross members and much more. We provide a professional and fast service, a friendly attitude and we are always happy to have a consultation with you when you need any help with your trailers. We offer free quotes to clients with no obligation, we service the Townsville, Bohle and Northern Beaches areas.

Unfortunately, we do not travel for work, but we welcome clients from anywhere in the region!
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Bohle Welding and Trailer Repairs is the best company to turn to when you require trailer or boat repairs or welding services in Bohle, Townsville, Northern Beaches and nearby areas. We are proud to be able to satisfy every client who requests our services. Here are testimonials from some of those clients:


Here are answers to frequently asked questions about the welding services and trailer repairs that we offer our clients in the Bohle, Townsville and Northern Beaches regions: