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Welding & Trailer Repair Services in TOWNSVILLE

Bohle Welding and Trailer Repairs are proud providers of trailer maintenance and repairs, welding and steel fabrication services. Our services are available to clients in Townsville, Bohle, Northern Beaches and nearby areas. Although we do not travel for work, we can supply a vehicle/trailer recovery service from anywhere in the region! Whether you live in the area or are passing through, we are trusted providers of trailer, boat trailer repairs and related services.
A locally owned and operated business, we have been in operation since 1989, repairing and maintaining trailers. Our extensive experience in steel fabrication and welding has meant we have been able to really benefit the local community.
We noticed that many of our family, friends and colleagues were forced to buy new trailers or boat trailers when they encountered an issue with their existing vehicle trailer. When Bohle Welding and Trailer Repairs opened in ‘89 we were able to offer a service that was really needed.

If you have damage to your trailer and require new wheel bearings, brakes, rusty mudguards or chassis parts, we can investigate the damage and see if we can carry out the necessary repairs. In some instances, we can weld together the part you need, this is usually a fraction of the price of buying a new one.
Trailer Brake Repair — Trailer Repairs in Bohle, QLD
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The trailer repair services from Bohle Welding in the Townsville region are second to none. We can help you with wheel bearing, brake, tyre and related maintenance and repairs on your trailer.
Welding — Trailer Repairs in Bohle, QLD
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Trust Bohle Welding and Trailer Repairs to handle your welding needs in the nearby region. We have exceptional equipment, decades of experience and all the relevant training to weld the structures and accessories that you require.